Shim Jaewon (one of EXO’s choreographer) talks about EXO K members dance skill
(Shim Jaewon, along with Gregory Hwang from Beat Burger are History, MAMA and Angel’s choreographer. Also with several teasers’ moves). Sorry if there is grammar mistake. Please take out with full credit.

I will not hold back my words, because everything that I will share is full of my opinion, based on my observation of the boys. Remember, “dance skill only”, I won’t talk about singing or rapping. I won’t be sugarcoating the boys.

Suho: He can follow the dance routine quite well, but not special. Seven years of training gave him advantage to control his emotion (*when the boys make mistakes when practicing, we usually punish them with more hours of practicing, and make the boys holding back their anger, and he is the one who can calm himself and the other boys). Lack of…

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