We knew that one volume wouldn’t be enough, a large collection of the behind-the-scenes of the shoot!

EXO-M – You’re seriously good looking!
Since the start, shooting is something interesting, the important segments that are related to subject of the shoot and every minute, every second’s inspiration that suddenly appears will become a beautiful memory. Da Zui has welcomed countless big-shot celebrities in front of the camera, it had always been a place that is crammed with stories. But with guests like EXO-M, “when they come, the rain follows and when they leave, the autumn wind picks up the leaves,” they’re rare to be seen. Da Zui, for this particular shot, has been prepared since a month ago. Indeed, since their debut, Da Zui has already been pondering on when this group of people would come to shoot. In order for this group of young men’s many sides to be…

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