• The hotness of their 100 days of promotion, prior to thier debut, the gradual revealation of the 23 teasers of the 12 members; the two separate debut showcases that were held in China and Korea; the sales of the Chinese & Korean versions of the EP, broke 100’000 copies in sales in Korea after a month of being released; they came from famous entertainment company, SM. In 2012, EXO was born and they set unusuality and they attacked strongly.
  • EXO, which has 12 members are split into two subgroups: EXO-K and EXO-M. The subgroup in China, EXO-M, started their promotional activites in China on a large-scale awards ceremony, and later, their title song speedily attacked the charts of various large music websites. In Korea, they who seemingly don’t have many music broadcasts, still brought together flocks of people at the number of fansigns they’ve held in Seoul; and regarding the SM Town…

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