EXO-M: Black shadow knights, shaking with rustles
Heroes are always afraid of loneliness, they worry for that single short moment when their own powers will disappear, this type of strong heroic plot is none other than the knights who are loaded to go out at any time within the castle, they stand on the pinnacle of loneliness, having the cruel wind hit against them in the dark night, nodding and smiling, gazing like fireworks, persistent, arrogant, modest, they will always jump up immediately once they are given an order, their out of the world charm explodes.

Who are they?
EXO-M, they are musicically talented kids who accidentally came from a planet that is outside our solar system, this Chinese-Korean idol group was first pushed out to the public’s eyes on the 22nd of December in 2011 and there were non-stop online promotions, and before they even officially debuted, they already…

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