B1A4 debuted in April of 2011 and ran all the way here without taking a break while releasing ‘O.K’, ‘Beautiful Target’, ‘Baby I’m Sorry’, and now, ‘Baby Goodnight’ and they are currently still running forwards. How was B1A4’s 1 year?

It’s already been over a year since you debuted. Comparing how it was when you first debuted with now, what changed the most?

I think our mindset that we had when we debuted differs from the actions we took once we hit our 1st year. We gained a stronger sense of responsibility and become more mature mentally. (Jinyoung) Differing from when we debuted, we try to think more when we deal with people around us. We also try our best to not give them any troubles. Truthfully, it was too much to think about that when we first debuted, but I think we changed like that because we met many…

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