[rough translation]
Fan: This……the name is quite difficult to write T T so sorry….
Onew: Ah, it’s okay^^ (writing the name one stroke by one stroke and mumbling to himself at the same time: “how do i write this? oh like this?? oh… its wrong! like this…”)
the fan said her name has only two characters but onew took quite some time to write it and he looked like some primary school kid writing, so cute ^^
Credit: akiko93718, lipsandlove

I am really happy my friend let me post this! ^^; 
Shinee were late for some reason, so we actually didn’t miss anything:)) we were last row, and during the fansign they played Sherlock album
When it was my turn, Honesty started playing (perfect timing!!!) they sat like this: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho, Key
Jong smiled a lot at the waiting fans in the hall, waved, and mouthed lyrics to…

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